I. Copyright Notice
UNLOCKiNEED.ORG is NOT affiliated with any wireless carrier or manufacturer. All trade names, logos and product images by wireless carriers and manufacturers are only used for reference to describe the compatibility to our products or services. No services or products on our site are connected to, endorsed by or produced by any trade-name or -mark holder that may be mentioned.
II. Legal Practice
1. Service Operator
UNLOCKiNEED.ORG is being operated by UNLOCKiNEED team as a private company.
2. Legality of Mobile Unlocking
Unlocking a mobile device in the Bosnia and Herzegovina and most other countries is completely LEGAL. In any case it is the customer’s obligation to ensure that mobile unlocking is legal in their country. By placing an order on UNLOCKiNEED.ORG, customers accept full responsibility for complying with all local, national, and international laws.
2a. US Customers
For US Customers it is against the law to unlock US devices that are manufactured after January 26th, 2013 unless having permission from the service provider. Devices manufactured before January 26th, 2013 are not affected. UNLOCKiNEED.ORG will not provide any service to US Customers for any US service provider cell phone or smart phone manufactured January 26th, 2013 or later. UNLOCKiNEED.ORG will not be held liable or responsible if an order is placed by a US Customer for an unlock code for any US service provider cell phone that was manufactured January 26th, 2013 or later. UNLOCKiNEED.ORG will not knowingly give any advice or provide any service to US Customers intending to unlock a phone that was purchased from a US service provider manufactured January 26th, 2013 or later. Customers outside the US are not affected by this law.
3. Exclusion of Illegal Activities
UNLOCKiNEED.ORG will NOT participate in any illegal activities such as altering an IMEI, PIN#, ESN # or anything else related. No informations or support will be provided on these activities. If a phone has been reported as being lost or stolen, UNLOCKiNEED.ORG will NOT service this device.
III. Delivery Policy
1. Form of Delivery
All unlock codes, factory unlocks and software unlocking solutions are being delivered by E-Mail.
2. Delivery Timeframe
The estimated delivery timeframe depends on the specific requested model/carrier combination and is outlined on every product page. The timeframes outlined are estimations based on the average across all carriers available for this specific model, so there is no guarantee the actual delivery time always matches the estimated time outlined on the product page. In case the unlock processing time exceeds the outlined timeframe significantly, the customer will be notified. To get more informations about the actual processing time or a specific model/carrier combination, the customer is welcome to enquire about it to our support team.
IV. Cancellation Policy
1. Timeframe
Orders may be cancelled only either if the order processing has not been initiated yet, if the order is not completed within three weeks starting with the day of the order or if the unlock cannot be delivered at the price stated on the product page. Once the order has been completed, the Cancellation Policy is being superseded by the Refund Policy.
2. Cancellation Notice
The cancellation has to be made either by E-Mail (to info@unlockineed.org) or at our Support Desk (WebMail). In any case the cancellation notice must include the E-Mail address used in the order and the related order number.
V. Refund Policy
1. 100% Money Back Guarantee
Our ‘100% Money Back Guarantee’ ensures that the provided unlock code, factory unlock or software unlocking solution will work on the customer’s device. If the code is erroneous (Code Unlocking), the IMEI still locked (Factory Unlocking) or the software unlock unsuccessful, a full refund will be issued if not excluded by any other policy listed below. In any case, before a refund is issued, a support representative will attempt all possible methods to achieve a successful unlock result.
2. Incorrect Order Submissions
It is the sole responsibility of the customer to make sure their order details are correct when submitting their order. If the provided IMEI, S/N, PID, carrier or phone model is incorrect and the order is in processing or completed, the order cannot be refunded as human errors on the customer side are completely out of our control. It will be left completely to the discretion of UNLOCKiNEED.ORG on how these errors will be handled. Incorrect carrier submissions for Factory Unlock orders are generally only refundable if the network choice was based on the results of a previously ordered Network Check by UNLOCKiNEED.ORG
3. Code Not Found
In the case the customer’s IMEI returns as a “Not Found” code, a support representative will offer an alternative method to have the phone unlocked or issue the customer a full refund. In case a code is erroneous, video evidence will be requested. The video must be one continuous video displayed in the follow sequence.
4. Hard-locked & Previously Unlocked Phones
If the customer’s cell phone is hard-locked or was previously unlocked with or without the customer’s knowledge, no refund will be granted.
5. Modified Firmware & Jailbreaking
No refunds are granted if the provided unlock code, factory unlock or software unlock solution is not working properly or cannot be applied to the phone due to previous jailbreaking or other modifications to the firmware of the phone. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to restore the factory default settings in order to proceed with the unlock.
6. Incompatibility between Phone and Desired Network
It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to understand or inquire about compatibility between a phone and the desired SIM card that is to be used. For example, by unlocking a GSM phone, one will not be able to use it on a CDMA or iDen network. UNLOCKiNEED.ORG is not responsible for any refund, reimbursement, credit or anything of this nature as it is impossible for UNLOCKiNEED.ORG to know which network carrier the purchaser would like to use.
7. Lost/Stolen Devices and Blacklisted/Barred IMEIs
Refunds cannot be granted for unlock codes that cannot be entered in cellular phones which have been reported as being lost or stolen or for failed factory unlocks due to blacklisted or barred IMEIs.
8. Refund Procedure and Timeframe
In case a refund is applicable in accordance to the policies listed above, the customer must request the refund within 60 (sixty) days starting with the order completion date and provide a video evidence. The video must be one continuous video displayed in the follow sequence. A detailed instruction about the required content of the video will be provided by UNLOCKiNEED.ORG Once the video has been provided, UNLOCKiNEED.ORG will review it and issue the refund within 24 hours.