Full refund will be given in the unlikely event that we are unable to supply your unlock code. If this occurs, we will request confirmation that the information provided at the time of the order is completely correct and accurate.

  • Your phone is listed in our supported models,
  • The IMEI provided is correct and really match with the selected phone model.

Should the information be confirmed as correct by the customer, we reserve the right to request further evidence that the phone in question has not been unlocked and that the information provided is correct.

Refund will be completed using the same payment method customer has selected while checkout Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoin with the third-party fee from service you used. Your account will get full money back.

Once the order has been submitted and paid, it’s not possible to cancel confirmed orders. Customers must wait till the whole process ends up by unlock code release.
We reserve the right to seek further evidence to support the customers claim that the codes did not unlock their mobile phone.
Full money back guarantee does not apply if a message received when attempting to unlock handset is reveal ‘too many tries‘ or ‘too many attempts‘.
For a refund to be provided, customers must prove that their codes have failed by providing a detailed video proof* of the procedure they followed and any error messages they received. This video must state any information that customer has provided as well as the accurately provided code failing on device screen.

Money back guarantee does not apply where customer has sought an alternative unlocking solution before properly and fully receiving the service ordered from us.

To claim against the full money back guarantee, a customer must inform us of their failed unlock attempt within 48 hours of receipt of their instructions. We are unable to provide refunds if the customer does not contact us within this time period.
In any case, no refund will be possible after 7 days of received payment.
It is the customer’s responsibility to provide correct data. No refunds shall be given for incorrect data supplied. However, we may choose to re-generate codes for free or at a nominal additional charge if a genuine mistake has been made.

*Video proof must match all following criteria:

  • You must type *#06# (or any other way of displaying the IMEI on the phone’s LCD) on the keypad then wait 5-10 seconds until we can clearly see and read the IMEI of the phone displayed.
  • If a network has been provided, the carrier logo the phone is locked to should be visible.
  • Insert, in the phone, a SIM card which is not currently accepted by the phone. Wait 5 seconds until we can clearly see and read the message displayed by the phone.
  • Enter the code received by the server, slowly, and the keys being pressed (or touched) must be clearly seen in the video as the code is entered into the phone. If you get an error message, wait 5 seconds so we can clearly see this message.
  • Make sure the video is focused and the codes, messages, IMEI are all visible on the phone’s display, otherwise your video won’t be accepted.